CERNAVAL (Port of Algeciras Bay) located within a surface of 105.000 m2 owns one GRAVING DOCK OF 400m x 50m and one FLOATING DOCK of 176m x 26m (lifting capacity 10.000 Tons).
MARIO LÓPEZ (Port of Málaga) owns one FLOATING DOCK of 140m x 24m (lifting capacity 7.500 Tons).
Cranes with capacities from 50 tons up to 450 tons to serve vessels in dry dock and afloat are available at short notice.
Repair berths 625m long with a draft of 15.5m are available adjacent to Cernaval Shipyard and 500m long with a maximum draft of 17m are available in the Port of Málaga.


Dock facilities

Floating crane: 100 ton revolver floating crane

(10) Hydraulic, crawler and rubber tire cranes ranging from 15 to 250 tones lifting capacity (20) overhead cranes with 5 to 80 tons lifting capacity.


Cernaval Group Shipyards
Recinto Portuario de Campamento 11314 SAN ROQUE (CADIZ)
Puerto de Málaga,
Muelle 5
29001 Mállaga