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Ship repair market report

The conventional shipping industry is still in an ongoing consolidation process. Freight rates in the container shipping industry are averagely decreasing whereas the tanker rates and the bulker rates are increasing. These improvements as well as the regulations harmonization and the aging fleet are giving an optimistic outlook for the ship repair market in the [...]

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New cooperation in Nantong, China

DSH-GmbH met these days with a representative of the Chinese shipyard Ruitai Nantong in Hamburg. Both sides worked together some years ago and now restarting their relationship. The shipyard is located in Rugao Harbour County, Nantong City. It is a gate from Yangtze River to East Sea and thereby directly opposite of Shanghai City. Ruitai [...]

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Two subsequent dockings in Tuzla Bay

DSH-GmbH just recently accompanied two dockings with the Tuzla Bay shipyard Kuzey Star. The shipyard, situated in the north east Marmara Sea and east of Istanbul, operates among others two floating docks with a maximum length of 205 meters and 227,5 meters. The DSH-GmbH brokered two vessels for two of their well-known German clients for [...]

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New agency agreement with South African shipyard

The South-African shipyard MACC Engineering & Construction and DSH-GmbH signed a new contract for an exclusive agency agreement. The shipyard is active in the ship repair business since 1976 and located in the port of Durban. The services range from voyage repairs – from Namibia to Mozambique – to any type of dry dock works. [...]

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