Cassar Ship Repair Ltd

Cassar Ship Repair is a leading ship repair yard in Malta. The privately owned company has been established since 1967 offering clients the full range of services a vessel owner requires whether it is docking for scheduled maintenance, damage repair, or conversion work.

The company offers afloat and emergency repair on vessels both inside and outside harbour as well as assistance and riding squad. We specialise in a broad range of activities from engineering and fabrication work, steelwork and pipe works to electrical works, blasting and painting.

Cassar Ship Repair offers services on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis all year round.

Dock facilities

Floating crane: 100 ton revolver floating crane

(10) Hydraulic, crawler and rubber tire cranes ranging from 15 to 250 tones lifting capacity (20) overhead cranes with 5 to 80 tons lifting capacity.


Cassar Ship Repair Ltd.
Slipway No. 6
Marsa Cross Road
Marsa MRS 1549