DSH-GmbH met these days with a representative of the Chinese shipyard Ruitai Nantong in Hamburg. Both sides worked together some years ago and now restarting their relationship.

The shipyard is located in Rugao Harbour County, Nantong City. It is a gate from Yangtze River to East Sea and thereby directly opposite of Shanghai City. Ruitai Nantong Shipyard is mainly specialized in ship’s dry-docking repairs, voyage repairs, ship modification projects and structural steel works and covers an area of 396.000 square meters.

The ship repair yard has a repair berth with 480 meters in length as well as two floating docks. Floating dock no. 1 (She Shan Dock) has a size of 240m x 37m and lifts 22.000 tons. Floating dock no. 2 (Ruitai Dock) covers a length of 210m x 35m and lifts up to 15.000 tons.

DSH-GmbH is looking forward to the next fruitful dockings in Shanghai Area in Far East.